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endoparasite infracommunities of hemisorubim platyrhynchos (valenciennes, 1840) (pisces: pimelodidae) of the baía river, upper parana river floodplain, brazil: specific composition and ecological aspects.parasites of 136 specimens of hemisorubim platyrhynchos, popularly called jurupoca, were analyzed. fourteen parasite species were recorded: four digeneans (crocodilicola pseudostoma, one gorgoderidae species, sanguinicola platyrhynchi, and sphincterodiplostomum sp.); three cestodes (goezeella paranaensis, spatulifer maringaensis, and mariauxiella piscatorum); five nematodes (contracaecum type 1 larvae of moravec, kohn, & fernandes, 1993; contracaecum type 2 larvae of moravec, kohn, & fernandes, ...200314509848
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