infectious agents associated with neonatal calf disease in southwestern idaho and eastern oregon.over a 2-year period, 296 episodes of disease involving 226 1-to-60-day-old calves were referred to the caldwell veterinary teaching center. infectious disease agents were found in 96% of the cases. salmonella spp were the most frequently isolated agents from dairy calves, whereas coronavirus was the agent most commonly associated with diarrhea in beef calves. multiple agents were found in 20% of the dairy calves and in 12% of the beef calves. salmonella dublin, which is associated with severe d ...19827085442
salmonella dublin infections in the united states, 1979-1980.human isolates of salmonella dublin were reported to the centers for disease control, atlanta, 103 times in 1980, as isolation rate nearly twice that reported in 1979. in 1979 and 1980 s. dublin was isolated predominantly in the western united states, frequently from males (60% of the total), from adults older than 40 years of age (55%), and from blood (37%). detailed histories were obtained for 39 cases outside of california and oregon, and 32 cases were matched with 62 age-, sex-, and locality ...19827108281
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