salmonella dublin infections in the united states, 1979-1980.human isolates of salmonella dublin were reported to the centers for disease control, atlanta, 103 times in 1980, as isolation rate nearly twice that reported in 1979. in 1979 and 1980 s. dublin was isolated predominantly in the western united states, frequently from males (60% of the total), from adults older than 40 years of age (55%), and from blood (37%). detailed histories were obtained for 39 cases outside of california and oregon, and 32 cases were matched with 62 age-, sex-, and locality ...19827108281
leads from the mmwr. salmonella dublin and raw milk consumption. 19846708265
distinctive biochemical features of salmonella dublin isolated in california.we examined 34 strains of salmonella dublin that were isolated in california between 1978 and 1982. all were of a characteristic biotype; they did not grow on simmons citrate or acetate and did not ferment arabinose. their apparent inability to use citrate as the only carbon source was due to a nutritional requirement for nicotinic acid. because s. dublin strains are of a characteristic biotype, are host adapted to bovines, and are unusually virulent for humans, we suggest that s. dublin be cons ...19836341406
assessment of the excess risk of salmonella dublin infection associated with the use of certified raw milk.the risk of serious illness attributable to infection with salmonella dublin associated with the consumption of certified raw milk in california was evaluated. data were derived from case reports of s. dublin isolations from persons in the state of california during the period 1980-83 and from production figures for raw milk from the major supplier. it is estimated that more than one-third of reported s. dublin infections in california in the first 4 years of this decade were attributable to raw ...19883140275
salmonella dublin and raw milk consumption--california. 19846423950
association between raw milk and human salmonella dublin infection.between 1971 and 1975 the mean annual incidence of human salmonella dublin infection in california increased more than five-fold. investigation of the increase showed an association with exposure to raw milk in 44 out of 113 cases. of these 44 patients, 35 had used certified raw milk from a single dairy. faecal swabs confirmed s dublin infection in the dairy herd and the milk, and so a pasteurisation order was issued. s dublin appears to be an unusually invasive and life-threatening salmonella s ...1979476402
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