non-typhoid salmonella bacteraemia in greater copenhagen 1984 to 1988.a retrospective survey of non-typhoid salmonella bacteraemia in the period 1984 to 1988 was carried out by the five departments of clinical microbiology in greater copenhagen. a total of 168 patients were identified. a gradual increase was observed from 11 cases in 1984 to 58 cases in 1988. the corresponding incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in copenhagen rose from 0.9 in 1984 to 5.0 in 1988. during the same period the total registered incidence of human salmonella infections in denmark increase ...19911915383
[bacteremia caused by zoonotic salmonella types in greater copenhagen in 1984-1988].the five departments of clinical microbiology in greater copenhagen have together carried out a retrospective review of bacteraemia caused by the zoonotic salmonella serotypes in the period 1984-1988 in the municipalities of copenhagen and frederiksberg and in the county of copenhagen. a gradual increase in frequency was observed from 11 cases in 1984 to 58 cases in 1988. the serotype most commonly isolated was salmonella dublin followed by salmonella enteritidis and salmonella typhimurium. s. d ...19902309361
[extraintestinal salmonella infections in four danish counties. inverse relationship between invasiveness and zoonotic serotypes].the relationship between invasiveness and incidence of non-typhoid salmonellosis was ascertained retrospectively in a population of 1.9 million in four danish counties during the three-year period 1992-1994. the study comprised 4175 cases diagnosed by culture either locally or at statens serum institut, copenhagen. two hundred and forty-four patients had extraintestinal infections caused by 24 out of the total number of 101 different serotypes. invasiveness ranged widely from 4% to > 90% for ind ...19979148531
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