identification by pcr of non-typhoidal salmonella enterica serovars associated with invasive infections among febrile patients in sub-saharan africa, non-typhoidal salmonella (nts) are emerging as a prominent cause of invasive disease (bacteremia and focal infections such as meningitis) in infants and young children. importantly, including data from mali, three serovars, salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium, salmonella enteritidis and salmonella dublin, account for the majority of non-typhoidal salmonella isolated from these patients.201020231882
invasive nontyphoidal salmonella infections among children in mali, 2002-2014: microbiological and epidemiologic features guide vaccine 2002, following establishment of a clinical microbiology laboratory in the government hospital that admits children with severe illnesses in bamako, mali, surveillance to identify pathogens causing invasive bacterial infections (septicemia, bacteremia, meningitis, etc) was initiated.201526449949
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