outbreak of food poisoning caused by bacillus cereus. 19704983427
antibacterial activity of native california medicinal plant extracts isolated from rhamnus californica and umbellularia californica.antimicrobial resistance (amr) is a major threat to global public health. medicinal plants have long been used as remedies for infectious diseases by native cultures around the world and have the potential for providing effective treatments for antibiotic-resistant infections. rhamnus californica (rhamnaceae) and umbellularia californica (lauraceae) are two indigenous california plant species historically used by native americans to treat skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. this s ...201526001558
diversity of biosurfactant producing microorganisms isolated from soils contaminated with diesel oil.biosurfactant production is a desirable property of hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms (hdm). we characterized biosurfactant producing microbial populations from a long beach soil, california (usa) and a hong kong soil (china), contaminated with diesel oil. a total of 33 hydrocarbon-utilizing microorganisms were isolated from the soils. twelve isolates and three defined consortia were tested for biosurfactant production and emulsification activity. the highest reduction of surface tension was ...200516035236
persistent bacillus cereus bacteremia in 3 persons who inject drugs, san diego, california, usa.bacillus cereus is typically considered a blood culture contaminant; however, its presence in blood cultures can indicate true bacteremia. we report 4 episodes of b. cereus bacteremia in 3 persons who inject drugs. multilocus sequence typing showed that the temporally associated infections were caused by unrelated clones.201627533890
an outbreak of bacillus cereus food poisoning--are caterers supervised sufficiently.bacillus cereus is an uncommonly reported cause of foodborne illness in the united states. in may 1989, an outbreak of b. cereus gastroenteritis occurred among 140 guests who had attended a catered wedding reception in napa, ca. investigation established cornish game hens served at the event as the vehicle for disease transmission (or = 29, p = 0.0001). although the spores of b. cereus are ubiquitous, large numbers of toxin-producing organisms (more than 10(5) per gram of food) are required for ...19921641447
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