characterization of bacillus cereus isolates associated with fatal pneumonias: strains are closely related to bacillus anthracis and harbor b. anthracis virulence genes.bacillus cereus is ubiquitous in nature, and while most isolates appear to be harmless, some are associated with food-borne illnesses, periodontal diseases, and other more serious infections. in one such infection, b. cereus g9241 was identified as the causative agent of a severe pneumonia in a louisiana welder in 1994. this isolate was found to harbor most of the b. anthracis virulence plasmid pxo1 (13). here we report the characterization of two clinical and one environmental b. cereus isolate ...200616954272
results of a prospective statewide reporting system for infective better understand the microbiology, anatomy, and demography of infectious endocarditis, we devised a prospective statewide reporting system to study these infections. because our study design required accurate diagnosis, reliable case reporting, and a high probability of physician-to-case exposure, we enlisted the help of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and infectious disease specialists throughout louisiana. all louisiana members of the american college of cardiology and the infectio ...19883133947
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