an outbreak of bacillus cereus implicating a part-time banquet the aftermath of a party, 70% (25 of 36) of attendees had gastroenteritis. the objectives of this study were to identify a risk factor associated with the food during the banquet and to identify measures of control for avoiding this kind of outbreak in the future.200212353456
antibacterial properties of a glycolipid-rich extract and active principle from nunavik collections of the macroalgae fucus evanescens c. agardh (fucaceae).this study investigated the antibacterial activity of glycolipid-rich extracts of the brown macroalga fucus evanescens in cell culture. accessions were collected on the arctic coast of ungava bay, nunavik, quebec. the crude ethyl acetate extract of these accessions showed strong antibacterial activity (≥4 log(10) cfu) against hemophilus influenzae , legionella pneumophila , propionibacterium acnes (atcc and clinical isolate), and streptococcus pyogenes at 100 µg/ml. this algal extract inhibited ...201121859295
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