pitiprolamide, a proline-rich dolastatin 16 analogue from the marine cyanobacterium lyngbya majuscula from unusual cyclic depsipeptide, pitiprolamide (1), was isolated from the marine cyanobacterium lyngbya majuscula collected at piti bomb holes, guam. the structure was deduced using nmr, ms, x-ray crystallography, and enantioselective hplc-ms techniques. remarkably, proline represents half of the residues forming pitiprolamide (1). other distinctive features include a 4-phenylvaline (dolaphenvaline, dpv) moiety initially found in dolastatin 16 and the rare 2,2-dimethyl-3-hydroxyhexanoic acid (dmh ...201021138309
a large foodborne outbreak on a small pacific island.on march 25, 2009, the ebeye leroj kitlang memorial health center on the island of ebeye in the republic of the marshall islands was overwhelmed with over 100 patients presenting for vomiting and diarrhea. epidemiologic investigation revealed that there were 174 cases among 187 attendees at a local funeral earlier in the day. most cases had eaten served sandwiches containing egg products that had undergone severe time-temperature abuse. while no causal agents were identified, the epidemiology an ...201020968238
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