chemical composition and in vitro antimicrobial activities of the essential oils from endemic psiadia species growing in mauritius.the composition of the leaf oils, obtained by hydrodistillation, of five endemic psiadia species of the asteraceae family were studied by gc/ms on both polar and non-polar columns. the analysis showed that the volatile components of the oils were made up essentially of monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, aliphatics and other shikimic acid derivatives. with respect to the non-volatile components, great variations were observed: p. lithospermifolia contained (e)-isoasarone (51.5%); p. penninervia: eugen ...200415516729
antibacterial and antibiotic potentiating activities of tropical marine sponge extracts.increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance has led research to focus on discovering new antimicrobial agents derived from the marine biome. although ample studies have investigated sponges for their bioactive metabolites with promising prospects in drug discovery, the potentiating effects of sponge extracts on antibiotics still remains to be expounded. the present study aimed to investigate the antibacterial capacity of seven tropical sponges collected from mauritian waters and their modulat ...201728392375
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