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spermatogenesis in the ixodid tick haemaphysalis (herpetobia) sulcata (acarina:ixodidae).haemaphysalis sulcata (acarina, ixodidae) is a common ectoparasite of wild artiodactyls (mouflon and wild goat) in sierra nevada (granada, southern spain). a study of the spermatogonial meiosis of 15 h. sulcata males was carried out. the diploid complement is 2n = 21 and its sex determination is xx:xo. the behavior of the chromosomes in the different stages of meiosis was also investigated, and the possible presence of a secondary nucleolar organizer region in h. sulcata is discussed.19979105298
role of wild ruminants in the epidemiology of bluetongue virus serotypes 1, 4 and 8 in spain.abstract: although the importance of wild ruminants as potential reservoirs of bluetongue virus (btv) has been suggested, the role played by these species in the epidemiology of bt in europe is still unclear. we carried out a serologic and virologic survey to assess the role of wild ruminants in the transmission and maintenance of btv in andalusia (southern spain) between 2006 and 2010. a total of 473 out of 1339 (35.3%) wild ruminants analyzed showed antibodies against btv by both elisa and ser ...201121781340
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