alogomyces tanneri gen. et sp. nov., a chytrid in lobulomycetales from horse manure.the order lobulomycetales contains chytrids from soil, freshwater, and marine habitats; environmental dna sampling has indicated that representatives of this order may be found in deep ocean localities. we describe alogomyces tanneri as the first lobulomycetalean chytrid isolated from horse manure; a. tanneri is also the first species in the order to possess a rumposome in its zoospore. this species widens the range of habitats, ultrastructural variation, and thallus morphology for lobulomycetal ...201121828216
using wild white-tailed deer to detect eastern equine encephalitis virus activity in maine.abstract serum from 226 free-ranging white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) was screened for eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev) antibodies using plaque reduction neutralization tests. eeev antibodies were detected in 7.1% of samples. this is the first time eeev antibodies have been detected in o. virginianus populations in the state of maine (me). the highest percentage of eeev positive sera was in somerset county (19%) in central me, and this is the first time that eeev activity has b ...201121736489
eastern equine encephalitis: an emerging arboviral disease threat, maine, 2009.eastern equine encephalitis (eee) is one of the most severe arboviral encephalitides in north america. before 2009, limited nonhuman eee virus activity had been reported in maine, all from the southernmost area of the state. no human case has been reported in a maine resident.201121254938
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