further records of helminths from newfoundland mammals. 19695408703
seasonal changes in abundance and gonotrophic age of host-seeking tabanidae (diptera) from a subarctic labrador peatland.canopy and malaise traps continuously sampled host-seeking female tabanids throughout the 1990 and 1991 flight seasons at iron arm fen in subarctic labrador. a total of 19,426 tabanids representing 3 genera and 18 species was collected. subsamples of each daily catch were dissected to determine gonotrophic age. horse flies (mainly hybomitra spp.) accounted for 96% of all tabanids; the remainder were deer flies (chrysops spp.). hybomitra arpadi (szilady) and hybomitra aequetincta (becker) were th ...19989775606
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