on the need to clarify and disseminate contemporary knowledge of hormone therapy initiated near menopause.the dramatic change in opinion on postmenopausal hormone therapy (ht) following initial reports from the women's health initiative (whi) came about as the 'baby boom' generation of women created the largest population of newly menopausal women in history. that trial of conjugated equine estrogen (cee) plus medroxyprogesterone acetate (mpa) focused on outcomes in women starting ht a decade or more after menopause. yet clinical practice has focused on initiation near menopause. recent findings in ...201020540591
flow and heat transfer predictions for film cooling flows are characterized by a row of jets injected at an angle from the blade surface or endwalls into the heated crossflow. the resulting flowfield is quite complex, and accurate predictions of the flow and heat transfer have been difficult to obtain, particularly in the near field of the injected jet. the flowfield is characterized by a spectrum of vortical structures including the dominant kidney vortex, the horse-shoe vortex, the wake vortices and the shear layer vortices. these ...200111460622
attempted mechanical transfer of ehrlichia risticii by tabanids (diptera: tabanidae).the ability of tabanid mouthparts to retain and to transfer mechanically ehrlichia risticii holland, weiss, burgdorfer, cole & kakoma was evaluated by feeding flies on infected and noninfected mice and on capillary tubes containing infected cells and cell-free medium. flies representing two genera and 29 species were collected at equine boarding stables, farms, and along riding trails in wake, johnston, and duplin counties in north carolina for the feeding trials. two species, tabanus fulvulus w ...19921404259
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