bioinformatic analysis suggests that the orbivirus vp6 cistron encodes an overlapping gene.the genus orbivirus includes several species that infect livestock - including bluetongue virus (btv) and african horse sickness virus (ahsv). these viruses have linear dsrna genomes divided into ten segments, all of which have previously been assumed to be monocistronic.200818489030
surveys for ectoparasites on wildlife associated with amblyomma variegatum (acari: ixodidae)-infested livestock in st. croix, u.s. virgin islands.surveys in 2001, 2005, and 2006 attempted to determine the role of wildlife in maintenance and dissemination of the tropical bont tick, amblyomma variegatum (f.) (acari: ixodidae), in st. croix, u.s. virgin islands. small mammals; birds; white-tailed deer, odocoileus virginianus (zimmermann); and feral cattle, bos taurus l., were examined at nine premises, in mountainous rain forest, and in surrounding areas in western st. croix, an area including and central to all known bont tick-infested prem ...200919960701
introduced ticks and tick-borne diseases: the threat and approaches to eradication.exotic tick species and tick-borne diseases are serious threats to live-stock, companion animals, and wildlife in the united states. recurring introductions of exotic tick species into the united states are a significant indicator of the degree of risk. successful tick-eradication campaigns, such as the national program that eradicated boophilus annulatus and b. microplus from the united states, the cattle fever tick eradication program of the us department of agriculture's veterinary services t ...200212442574
administration of 6-methoxybenzoxazolinone (mboa) does not augment ovulatory responses in st. croix white ewes superovulated with pmsg.the objective of this investigation was to examine the effects of 6-methoxy-benzoxazolinone (mboa), a plant compound that resembles melatonin and alters ovarian function in rodents, in combination with pmsg on superovulatory responses in the cycling ewe. in experiment i, st. croix white ewes (n = 44) were synchronized (intra-vaginal progestin sponge) for 14days followed by hcg (750 iu) at 1 day after sponge removal (day 0). ewes were assigned to one of six treatments administered on day -1: cont ...200616154300
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