digestible energy requirements of mexican donkeys fed oat straw and maize stover.the limited availability of food, together with the constraints that traditional management systems impose on the natural foraging behaviour of donkeys, often results in severe under-nutrition. few studies have been conducted into the digestibility of different forages and little information exists on nutritional requirements of donkeys. in order to measure digestible energy requirements of donkeys under tropical conditions, an experiment was carried out at the centre for research in agricultura ...200516335075
detection of trichinella spiralis muscle larvae in naturally infected horses.human trichinellosis outbreaks related to horsemeat consumption have been reported in france and italy in recent years. in order to determine if trichinella is present in horses slaughtered at an abattoir in the state of mexico, diaphragm muscle tissue samples (22-37 g) from 80 horses were examined by artificial digestion. four of these samples had larvae that were characterized as trichinella sp. by morphological criteria and as trichinella spiralis by the polymerase chain reaction.19957472874
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