seroepidemiologic studies in oaxaca, mexico. ii. survey for arbovirus antibody.a serologic survey was conducted in south-western mexico to obtain information on human experience with arbovirus infections. sera were collected from two semitropical areas along the pacific coast of oaxaca state, two mountain areas above 1,700 meters and the interior valley at 1,500 meters. of the 610 sera tested for group a antibody, 4.9 per cent were positive in the hemagglutination-inhibition (hi) test to venezuelan (ve), 11 per cent to eastern, and none to western encephalitis viruses. in ...1979539866
an outbreak of equine leukoencephalomalacia at oaxaca, mexico, associated with fumonisin b1.equine leukoencephalomalacia (elem), swine pulmonary oedema and human oesophageal cancer have been associated with fumonisine b1 (fb1) ingestion. for the first time in this study it is reported that fb1 was identified as being associated with an outbreak of elem at oaxaca, mexico. symptoms of elem and equine venezuelan encephalitis (eve) are similar and a different diagnosis is obligatory. in the geographical area (oaxaca, mexico) where donkeys died showing a neurological syndrome, 14 corn sampl ...19989719762
venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, southern mexico.equine epizootics of venezuelan equine encephalitis (vee) occurred in the southern mexican states of chiapas in 1993 and oaxaca in 1996. to assess the impact of continuing circulation of vee virus (veev) on human and animal populations, serologic and viral isolation studies were conducted in 2000 to 2001 in chiapas state. human serosurveys and risk analyses indicated that long-term endemic transmission of veev occurred among villages with seroprevalence levels of 18% to 75% and that medical pers ...200415663847
association of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus subtype ie with two equine epizootics in mexico.two outbreaks of encephalitis consistent with an etiology of venezuelan equine encephalitis (vee) virus occurred in equines on the pacific coast of southern mexico in 1993 (chiapas state) and in 1996 (oaxaca state). in chiapas, there were 125 cases, of which 63 were fatal and in oaxaca, there were 32 cases and 12 fatalities. virus was isolated from two horses from each outbreak, including three brain isolates and one from blood. virus isolates (93-42124, iset-chi93, oax131, and oax142) were show ...19989684636
epidemic strain of venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus from a vampire bat captured in oaxaca, mexico, 1970.a vampire bat, desmodus rotundus, captured in oaxaca, mexico, in august 1970, was found to be infected with the epidemic strain of venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus at the same time that an equine epizootic was occurring there.19725008598
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