prevalence of brucella abortus antibodies in equines of a tropical region of mexico.a cross-sectional study was conducted to determinate the seroprevalence rate of equine brucellosis in the state of tamaulipas, mexico. serum samples from 420 equines were analyzed with the rose bengal test at cell concentrations of 3% (rbt-3%) and 8% (rbt-8%), and positive results were confirmed with the rivanol test (rt). risk factors were determined with the prevalence ratio (pr) and the use of variables generated from a questionnaire administered to the animals' owners. serum from 1 stallion ...200617042384
arbovirus vector ecology studies in mexico during the 1972 venezuelan equine encephalitis outbreak.virus vector studies were conducted in the states of durango, chihuahua, and tamaulipas, mexico, in june and july 1972. apparently only a low level of venzuelan equine encephalitis (vee) virus transmission to equines occured at the time of the study, and the infection was restricted to areas which had not experienced overt activity during the preceding year. the low level of infection was associated with a scarcity of mosquitoes. the ib (epidemic) strain of vee virus was isolated from two pools ...1975235213
epidemic venezuelan equine encephalitis in north america in 1971: vector studies.a major epidemic of venezuelan equine encephalitis occurred in south texas in the summer of 1971. more than 1500 equines died of vee in texas, and 110 human cases with no deaths were reported. vector studies in south texas and northern tamaulipas revealed that the overall mosquito infection rates during the peak of the epidemic were about 1:100, one of the highest rates observed for a major epidemic. mosquito infection rates of this magnitude could easily explain the intensity of vee outbreaks i ...1975235212
[occurrence of venezuelan epizootic equine encephalitis in tamaulipas, mex]. 19695388000
[venezuelan equine encephalitis in tamaulipas, mex]. 19665993039
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