arbovirus isolations from mosquitoes collected during and after the 1982-1983 epizootic of western equine encephalitis in argentina.mosquitoes were collected in santa fe and rio negro provinces, argentina, in 1982-1983 during a western equine encephalitis (wee) epizootic. totals of 153,084 mosquitoes from santa fe province and 484 from rio negro province were tested for virus in 2,351 pools. seventeen virus strains were isolated, all from santa fe collections, as follows: 4 wee, 6 venezuelan equine encephalitis, 1 st. louis encephalitis, 2 antequera, 1 maguari, 1 melao, 1 new vesiculovirus (calchaqui), and 1 gamboa. the wee ...19872880521
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