seroprevalence of antibodies to venezuelan equine encephalitis complex (subtypes iab and vi) in humans from general belgrano island, formosa, argentina.this work presents the results of the detection of antibodies (immunoglobulin g) for subtypes i and vi of vee viruses complex (togaviridae family) in people from the general belgrano island, formosa province (argentina). the prevalence of neutralizing (nt) antibodies for subtype vi was from 30% to 70% and the prevalence of antibodies inhibitory of hemagglutination (hi) was of 0% in the first and second inquiry respectively. for the subtype iab the prevalence of nt antibodies was from 13% to 3.6% ...200314502347
[presence of antibodies against venezuelan equine encephalitis virus subtype vi in patients with acute febrile illness].in argentina, there is no record of human cases produced by dengue virus (flavivirus), but paraguay and brasil (neighbouring countries) have notified human outbreaks of dengue haemorrhagic fever. in this report, we inform the serological results of a limited human outbreak of a dengue-like acute illness that occurred in general belgrano island, formosa, argentina in april 1989. this island is 35 km far from clorinda city of paraguay river, with a human population of 150 inhabitants. the weather ...19938153352
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