arbovirus investigations in argentina, 1977-1980. ii. arthropod collections and virus isolations from argentine mosquitoes.prospective surveys for arboviruses were carried out in santa fe, corrientes, and chaco provinces, argentina, aperiodically during 1977-1980. a total of 313,233 mosquitoes and 598 biting flies other than mosquitoes were collected and tested for virus in 5,197 and 45 pools, respectively. forty virus strains were isolated, all from mosquitoes, as follows: santa fe province: 4 gamboa group viruses from aedeomyia squamipennis, 1 strain each of st. louis encephalitis virus from culex pipiens quinquef ...19852863989
arbovirus isolations from mosquitoes collected during and after the 1982-1983 epizootic of western equine encephalitis in argentina.mosquitoes were collected in santa fe and rio negro provinces, argentina, in 1982-1983 during a western equine encephalitis (wee) epizootic. totals of 153,084 mosquitoes from santa fe province and 484 from rio negro province were tested for virus in 2,351 pools. seventeen virus strains were isolated, all from santa fe collections, as follows: 4 wee, 6 venezuelan equine encephalitis, 1 st. louis encephalitis, 2 antequera, 1 maguari, 1 melao, 1 new vesiculovirus (calchaqui), and 1 gamboa. the wee ...19872880521
a newly recognized vesiculovirus, calchaqui virus, and subtypes of melao and maguari viruses from argentina, with serologic evidence for infections of humans and 1983, 17 virus strains were isolated from mosquitoes collected during an outbreak of western equine encephalitis in santa fe province, argentina. strains of western equine encephalitis, venezuelan equine encephalitis, st. louis encephalitis, and antequera viruses were isolated, as were several bunyaviruses of the california and bunyamwera serogroups and a new vesiculovirus. complement fixation and neutralization tests were used to identify the california serogroup virus as a subtype of melao ...19872880522
the use of an animal-baited net trap for collecting mosquitoes during western equine encephalitis investigations in argentina.a large net trap was used to sample mosquito populations attracted to horses at three sites each in santa fe and rio negro provinces, argentina, during the austral summer of 1984. these provinces, as well as others in argentina, were affected by a severe epizootic of western equine encephalitis (wee) during 1982-83. totals of 2,752 and 6,929 mosquitoes were collected in santa fe and rio negro provinces during five and three trap nights, respectively. culex mosquitoes of the subgenus culex were p ...19852906656
[post-epizootic activity of western equine encephalitis virus in argentina].it is shown here the wee virus activity in argentina in 1983-1986 post-epizootic period. a surveillance system was established by the equine case notification and the sentinel animal method. among the thirteen equine focus notified between september 1983-september 1985 in córdoba and santa fe provinces, 5 presumptive cases out of 16 sick horses were confirmed by the hemagglutination inhibition test for wee epizootic virus. twenty eight notified human cases were studied with negative results. the ...19938234736
arbovirus investigations in argentina, 1977-1980. iv. serologic surveys and sentinel equine program.serologic surveys of wild and domestic birds, wild mammals, and horses were conducted during arbovirus field studies in argentina from 1977 through 1980, a non-epizootic interval. the prevalence of neutralizing antibodies to eastern equine encephalitis (eee) was consistently higher than to western equine encephalitis (wee) virus in all species and all areas. the presence of antibodies in short-lived avian species and in young unvaccinated horses and the demonstration of seroconversions in horses ...19852863991
[concomitant activity of 2 bunyaviruses in horses in argentina].a serologic survey of horses for kairi (kri) and cache valley (cv), two related bunyaviruses, was conducted simultaneously in cordoba and santa fe provinces, argentina, during late 1983 and 1984. the prevalence of neutralizing antibodies only for kri was 13.3% and only for cv was 40.0%; but if the total positive sera for kri and cv were taken into account, the prevalence reached 48.3 and 75.0%, respectively. the prevalence for cv was higher than for kri in cordoba (p less than 0.01), but both we ...19902126879
arbovirus investigations in argentina, 1977-1980. i. historical aspects and description of study sites.this is the introductory paper to a series on the ecology of arboviruses in argentina. epizootics of equine encephalitis have occurred since at least 1908, principally in the pampa and espinal biogeographic zones, with significant economic losses; human cases of encephalitis have been rare or absent. both western equine and eastern equine encephalitis viruses have been isolated from horses during these epizootics, but the mosquitoes responsible for transmission have not been identified. a number ...19854037184
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