[immunodiffusion serologic study of equine infectious anemia in the province of buenos aires, argentina].twenty seven per cent of 238 serum samples obtained from horses with clinical diagnosis were positive for the immunodifusion test, while 17% of the 452 sera obtained from asintomatic horses were positive. twenty one per cent of the 870 sera studied were positive.197898810
effects of flooding and temperature on aedes albifasciatus development time and larval density in two rain pools at buenos aires university city.aedes albifasciatus is a floodwater mosquito that breeds in temporary waters. this semi-domestic species, widely distributed in argentina, is a competent vector of the western equine encephalitis. the present study was carried out in two rain pools of the city of buenos aires, from april 1998 through march 1999. samples were taken twice a week during the cold season and daily during the warmer months, starting from october. immature mosquitoes were collected with a dipper, being the number of di ...200011080762
[characteristics of pathological gamblers in argentina].to describe the characteristics of a series of identified cases of pathological gamblers in the province of buenos aires.200718273417
the first isolation of equine arteritis virus in argentina.this paper describes the first isolation of equine arteritis virus (eav) in argentina. the virus was isolated from the semen of an imported seropositive stallion held in isolation at a breeding farm in tandil in the buenos aires province. in addition, viral nucleic acid was detected in seminal plasma using the reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction. the isolated virus was propagated in cell cultures and confirmed as eav by indirect immunofluorescence and virus neutralisation, using a se ...200315005559
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