genetic diversity and relationships among venezuelan equine encephalitis virus field isolates from colombia and venezuela.during field studies of enzootic venezuelan equine encephalitis (vee) viruses associated with epizootic emergence, a large number of virus isolates were made in sylvatic foci of venezuela and colombia. to rapidly characterize these isolates, antigenic subtypes were determined by means of immunofluorescence and by single-strand conformational polymorphism (sscp) analysis by use of an 856-bp fragment from the p62 gene, which we used to distinguish genetic variants. representative isolates were seq ...200111791968
ecological studies of enzootic venezuelan equine encephalitis in north-central venezuela, 1997-1998.from 1997-1998, we investigated the possible continuous circulation of epizootic venezuelan equine encephalitis (vee) virus suggested by a 1983 subtype ic interepizootic mosquito isolate made in panaquire, miranda state, venezuela. the study area was originally covered by lowland tropical rainforest but has been converted into cacao plantations. sentinel hamsters, small mammal trapping, mosquito collections, and human serosurveys were used to detect active or recent virus circulation. six strain ...200111425168
[venezuelan equine encephalitis. determination of antibodies in the human population of municipio mirand, estado zulia, venezuela].with the purpose of determining antibodies prevalence against venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in the population of puertos de altagracia and sabaneta de palmas of miranda county, zulia state, venezuela, 199 subjects were studied: 57 from puertos de altagracia and 142 from sabaneta de palmas. they were classified in older (42.78%) and younger (57.2%) than 15 years. the blood specimens were processed for hemagglutination inhibition test using eev antigen goajira strain at ph 6.5. we found tha ...19938155776
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