studies of arboviruses in southwestern venezuela: i. isolations of venezuelan and eastern equine encephalitis viruses from sentinel hamsters in the catatumbo region.the purpose of this report is to describe isolations of venezuelan (vee) and eastern (eee) equine encephalitis virus made in the lowland moist tropical forest of the catatumbo region on the southwestern part of the state of zulia, venezuela. we have isolated four strains of eeev from sentinel hamsters exposed at caño mocho and madre vieja sites in 1973 and 1974, and three strains of eeev in hacienda (hda.) las nubes in 1975. both viruses were recovered during silent interepidemic periods and we ...19761010667
[antibodies against the venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in the population of the páez district of the zulia venezuela state].with the purpose of knowing the presence of antibodies against venezuelan equine encephalities virus (eev), after the continuous outbreaks produced by this virus we studied 192 sera (112 children and 80 adults), from the towns of carretal, cojoro and paraguaipoa (páez district), between the months of march and october 1986. the samples were analyzed using the hemagglutination inhibition test by the clarke and casals technique, using vee virus antigen guajira strain. we found that from 192 sample ...19892489273
[human encephalitis epidemic induced by the venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus in 1962 in the state of zulia (venezuela) and its control using aerial spraying and soil aerosol fumigations]. 19666003401
[viral agents in patients with infectious processes of the central nervous system].local statistics report a great number of cases of neurological diseases of unidentified cause. the purpose of this research was to determine the presence of viral agents in patients with affection of the central nervous system, in zulia state, venezuela. in different health centers throughout the state, we collected 129 randomized samples of cerebrospinal fluid (csf) and serum from patients ranging from 1 day to 41 years of age, showing symptoms of cns disease and whose bacteriological test res ...200111787270
[note on a recent epidemic of venezuelan equine encephalitis in the northern region of estado zulia (venezuela)]. 19645844881
[the outbreak of venezuelan equine encephalitis in the north of estado zulia at the end of 1962]. 19645843181
["investigación clínica": 50 years disseminating biomedical research].investigacion clinica was founded by the initiative of américo negrette, who became its first editor, and it has been published uninterruptedly since july 1960, with a quarterly frequency. the first issues consisted mainly of a collection of reviews of seminars held at the now called instituto de investigaciones clínicas "dr. américo negrette", facultad de medicina, universidad del zulia, its publisher. very soon, original research results from this institution were included in the novel journal ...201020928975
[venezuelan equine encephalitis. determination of antibodies in the human population of municipio mirand, estado zulia, venezuela].with the purpose of determining antibodies prevalence against venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in the population of puertos de altagracia and sabaneta de palmas of miranda county, zulia state, venezuela, 199 subjects were studied: 57 from puertos de altagracia and 142 from sabaneta de palmas. they were classified in older (42.78%) and younger (57.2%) than 15 years. the blood specimens were processed for hemagglutination inhibition test using eev antigen goajira strain at ph 6.5. we found tha ...19938155776
[evaluation of immunity against venezuelan equine encephalitis virus and dengue in the human population of san carlos, the almirante padilla island municipality, zulia state, venezuela. 1996].the insular municipality of almirante padilla, historically, has been affected by venezuelan equine encephalitis (vee) epidemics, that have occurred cyclically in the paez, mara and almirante padilla municipalities of the state of zulia. during the last epidemic outbreak (1995), the studies reported a great number of cases of vee in humans, based on epidemiologic-clinical diagnosis; occupying this municipality, the first place in the attack rate by the virus. at the same time, dengue has been de ...200111552505
[importance of transmission electron microscopy in the diagnosis of a venezuelan equine encephalitis outbreak in 1995 in the venezuelan guajira].transmission electron microscopy of the brain in 25 newborn mice was performed. mice were intracerebrally inoculated with cultured vero cells infected with vee to be used as positive control, with samples of serum of cerebrospinal fluid from patients with clinical symptoms and signs of encephalitis, with serum from healthy patients or with serum from sick equines. borate bovine albumin serum was also inoculated in some mice to be used as negative control. all samples were obtained during the epi ...19979296642
[venezuelan equine encephalitis. 1995 outbreak: clinical profile of the case with neurologic involvement].venezuelan equine encephalitis virus has caused periodic epidemics and epizootics in the american continent since the 1920s. such events have been profusely documented from the epidemiologic point of view, however, reports concerning the clinical features of this disease are rather scarce.199910797912
[antibodies against venezuelan equine encephalitis in the human population of the mara district of the state of zulia, venezuela].antibodies against venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (veev) were studied in the human population of mara district, zulia state, venezuela. two hundred thirty nine blood samples were taken from the towns of san rafael de mara, santa cruz de mara, la sierrita-4 bocas, carrasquero, isla de san carlos e isla de toas, during june, july and september, 1988. donors samples were classified by age, sex and serological titres. eighty nine were less than 15 years old (37.2%) and 150, over 15 years old ( ...19902101637
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