seasonality and relative abundance of tabanidae (diptera) captured on horses in the pantanal, brazil.once a month, from june 1992 to may 1993, collections of tabanids on horse were conducted in the nhecolândia, pantanal state of mato grosso do sul, brazil. tabanid catches using hand nets were conducted from sunrise to sunset at grassland and cerradão (dense savanna) habitats. a total of 3,442 tabanids from 21 species,12 genera, and 3 subfamilies were collected. although species abundance varied seasonally depending on habitat, no habitat specificity was observed for the most abundant species. i ...200111685255
trypanosoma evansi in inbred and swiss-webster mice: distinct aspects of pathogenesis.trypanosoma evansi (trypanosomatidae, kinetoplastida) is a salivarian trypanosomatid that infects eight mammal orders spread over america, europe and asia. in brazil, t. evansi is the etiological agent of "mal de cadeiras", a horse disease very often described in the region known as pantanal do mato grosso. few data concerning the genetic diversity and biology of subpopulations of t. evansi that circulate in brazil are available. the factors that modulate the interaction of this parasite with it ...200415338287
diagnosis of equine piroplasmosis in brazil by serodiagnostic methods with recombinant antigens.serum samples from horses in the states of sao paulo and mato grosso do sul, brazil were examined for diagnosis of equine piroplasmosis by both the latex agglutination test (lat) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) with recombinant antigens. of the 47 samples analyzed, 38 (81%) and 42 (90%) samples were positive for b. equi infection and b. caballi infection, respectively. in addition, 35 (75%) samples were positive for both b. equi and b. caballi infections. these results indicate tha ...200111714038
investigations on naturally occurring trypanosoma evansi infections in horses, cattle, dogs and capybaras (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) in pantanal de poconé (mato grosso, brazil).the prevalence of mal de cadeiras--portuguese for trypanosoma (t.) evansi infections in horses--as well as the prevalence of t.evansi infections in cattle, dogs and free-ranging capybaras (hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) was investigated in pantanal de poconé (mato grosso, brazil). in 0.3, 8.6 and 8.0% of the horses, dogs and capybaras, respectively, infection was detected using standard parasitological methods. a seroprevalence of 4.1, 2.3, 7.1 and 22.0% was found in horses, cattle, dogs and capybar ...19947887341
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