cystic echinococcosis in italy from the 1950s to italy the epidemiological pattern of cistic echinococcosis (ce) is incomplete and the information for most regions is out of date, contradictory, and almost exclusively limited to the intermediate hosts. the disease is found most frequently in particular social and economic conditions: widespread use of extensive or semi-extensive sheep farming, illegal slaughtering, and high numbers of sheepdogs and other types of dogs. the highest incidence in sheep is found in sardinia (70.6-92.8%), sicily ...200416044697
implementation of a system for the regional management of animal health emergencies.a telematic system to support decisions and operations in case of animal health emergencies has been designed and implemented in the abruzzo region of italy. the system aims to improve decision-making by veterinary services in the event of an outbreak of exotic disease. the system has been tested, first by a simulated outbreak of foot and mouth disease, and then during an outbreak of swine vesicular disease. critical problems were detected and corrected in both cases.200011107627
epidemiology of dourine in the equine population of the abruzzi region. 19807468001
occurrence of thelazia lacrymalis (nematoda, spirurida, thelaziidae) in native horses in abruzzo region (central eastern italy).a survey on the prevalence of thelazia spp. in abruzzo region (italy) in slaughtered native horses was conducted from august 29, 1997 to august 28, 1998. both eyes from 128 eight-month to 11 year-old native animals were examined. 50 horses (39.06%) were found parasitized by thelazia lacrymalis. 502 specimens (371 females, 88 males and 12 larvae) were collected. in the infected horses the numbers of t. lacrymalis ranged from 1 to 48, with a mean count burden of 3.92 per head (sd = 7.79). t. lacry ...200010743649
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