[research on trichinellosis in butchered horses in the city of bologna]. 19807312397
phylogenetic analysis of west nile virus isolated in italy in italy the first occurrence of west nile virus (wnv) infection was reported in tuscany region during the late summer of 1998. in august 2008, the wnv infection re-emerged in italy, in areas surrounding the po river delta, and involving three regions lombardy, emilia romagna and veneto. wnv was isolated from blood and organs samples of one horse, one donkey, one pigeon (columba livia) and three magpies (pica pica). the phylogenetic analysis of the isolates, conducted on 255 bp in the region cod ...200819040827
west nile virus transmission in 2008 in north-eastern italy.after 10 years, west nile virus (wnv) re-emerged in italy in august 2008. as on 31 december 2008, the infection affected eight provinces in three regions (emilia romagna, veneto, lombardy), where a total of 794 cases of wnv infection in 251 equine stables were detected on the basis of the clinical signs and as a result of a serological screening in horses living in the area. only 4.0% (32/794) of the serologically positive animals showed clinical signs, and the 32 clinical cases were reported in ...201020042066
west nile virus circulation in emilia-romagna, italy: the integrated surveillance system 2009.following a large west nile virus (wnv) epidemic in northeastern italy in 2008, human and animal surveillance activities were implemented in emilia romagna. human surveillance was performed by serology or genome detection on blood and cerebrospinal fluid for all suspected cases suffering from acute meningoencephalitis in the regional territory. animal surveillance consisted of passive and active surveillance of horses and active surveillance of wild birds and mosquitoes. between 15 june and 31 o ...201020430000
west nile virus circulation in veneto region in 2008-2009.summarywest nile virus (wnv) was detected in italy, in late summer 2008 in horses and birds in the po valley. as a consequence, an intense wnv surveillance was implemented in that area involving emilia-romagna, veneto and lombardy. this paper presents the results of the september 2008-november 2009 surveillance on equines, mosquitoes, wild birds, dogs and cattle in veneto. wnv was detected in equines and dogs, and, to a lesser extent in cattle and wild birds. simultaneous circulation of usutu vi ...201120670469
Spatio-temporal patterns of distribution of West Nile virus vectors in eastern Piedmont Region, Italy.ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: West Nile Virus (WNV) transmission in Italy was first reported in 1998 as an equine outbreak near the swamps of Padule di Fucecchio, Tuscany. No other cases were identified during the following decade until 2008, when horse and human outbreaks were reported in Emilia Romagna, North Italy. Since then, WNV outbreaks have occurred annually, spreading from their initial northern foci throughout the country. Following the outbreak in 1998 the Italian public health authority def ...201122152822
an expected outbreak of human trichinellosis for the consumption of late february 1998, an outbreak of human trichinellosis occurred in the town of piacenza (northern italy) among 92 persons who had eaten raw horsemeat. the source of infection was a horse imported to the abattoir of brescia one month previously. although the horse had been found to be positive for trichinellosis upon routine examination, the head of an uninfected horse was exchanged with the head of the infected animal, which was mistakenly placed on the market.200111484351
dietary habits and multiple sclerosis. a retrospective study in ferrara, a retrospective case-control study of multiple sclerosis (ms), set up with the aim of verifying the role of environmental factors in pathogenesis, we included a section on dietary habits. we compared the frequency and pattern of food consumption by cases and controls. we found an association between. ms and high consumption of bread and "pasta", butter and lard, legume soup, horse flesh, coffee and tea in the period from infancy to adolescence. a different pattern of consumption of eggs, wine ...19947856473
[findings on an epidemic of human trichinelliasis verified in italy].the present article completes the information already given in previous papers (mantovani et al., 1976; bellani et al., 1977; mantovani, 1978) and is connected with the research on the infection of horses by pampiglione et al. (1978). in september 1975 an epidemic of trichinellosis involving at least 89 people was reported at bagnolo in piano (reggio emilia). this present article describes the epidemiological investigations. in the introductory part, the trichinellosis outbreaks are summarized w ...19807031569
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