[residual mosquitoes in the northern adriatic seacoast 50 years after the disappearance of malaria].the northern adriatic sea littoral was heavily malarious; intensive land drainages, agricultural development and socioeconomic improvement were the key factors which led to malaria eradication, sped up by indoor insecticide spraying, achieved soon after world war ii. regular observations on anophelism were carried out by the istituto interprovinciale per la lotta antimalarica nelle venezie from middle 20's until early 60's. the main vector was anopheles sacharovi, a species which typically bred ...199810645555
eimeria leuckarti (flesh, 1883) reichenow, 1940 from equus caballus in italy.fecal examinations of horses (equus caballus) from studs in the province of udine (friuli venezia giulia region, east-northern italy), carried out during two periods of the year 1993, revealed coccidian oocysts in six foals, two stallions and one mare. the species was identified as eimeria leuckarti. this species was reported only once in italy, more than 20 years ago (1972). for this reason, the prevalence of the parasite and the description of immature and sporulated oocysts are given.19958778661
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