ancylocoelium typicum nicoll, 1912 (digenea: monorchiidae), a poorly known parasite of trachurus spp. (teleostei: carangidae) from the western mediterranean and north-eastern atlantic, and observations on its taxonomic position.the monorchiid digenean ancylocoelium typicum nicoll, 1912, a parasite of the horse mackerel trachurus trachurus (carangidae), was essentially known from two descriptions based, respectively, on one and three specimens. it is redescribed and figured in detail based on numerous specimens from the rectum of three trachurus spp. off corsica in the western mediterranean. it is compared with the type-species of the genus lasiotocus looss in odhner, 1911, l. mulli (stossich, 1883), for which new illus ...200415084831
phylogenetic analysis of culicoides species from france based on nuclear its1-rdna sequences.biting midges of the genus culicoides (diptera: ceratopogonidae) play important roles in the transmission of viral diseases affecting wild and domestic ruminants and horses, including bluetongue (bt) and african horse sickness (ahs) respectively. in southern europe, bt has been largely transmitted by the classical afro-asian vector culicoides imicola kieffer. however, other species such as c. obsoletus meigen, c. scoticus downs & kettle and c. pulicaris linné may also be involved in btv transmis ...200616796615
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