[investigation of the prevalence of summer eczema in icelandic horses in northern germany].an epidemiological study on summer eczema (se) was performed in 490 icelandic horses from 24 stud farms located in lower saxony and westphalia. the study revealed a prevalence of summer eczema of 29.8 %. horses imported from iceland were affected with a frequency of 71.9 %, whereas horses born in germany and other countries had a prevalence of 15.6 % and 27.3 %. mares (33.1 %) and geldings (29.1 %) were more often affected by summer eczema than stallions with 15.5 %. the most common sites of sum ...200516318272
[dog slaughtering in germany in the 19th and 20th centuries with special consideration of the munich area].in the 19th century professional dog slaughter and also the public sale of dog flesh arose. these slaughter and the sale was mainly practised by horse butchers. in germany dogs had been mostly slaughtered in sachsen, schlesien, anhalt and bayern. from 1905 to 1940 the meat of 235.144 dogs was inspected. but the true number of slaughtered dogs was certainly larger. yet in the fifties dogs were professionally slaughtered. after 1960 the slaughter dropped. sporadically dog flesh was used as human f ...19921463437
[sensitivity of bovine and equine streptococci to beta-lactam antibiotics (benzylpenicillin, ampicillin, oxacillin, cefotaxime) in the agar diffusion and e-test].368 streptococcal strains from udder secretions of cattle (sc. agalactiae, sc. dysgalactiae, sc. uberis) and 191 streptococcal isolates from horse specimens (sc. equi ssp. zooepidemicus, sc. equi ssp. equi) originating from different agricultural regions in germany (lower saxony, in particular the region of weser-ems, bavaria, altmark) were investigated for their sensitivity to 4 beta-lactam antibiotics (benzylpenicillin, ampicillin, oxacillin, cefotaxime). two different test methods were applie ...200010925514
[inquiry of veterinarians in niedersachsen concerning the occurrence of parasitic diseases and their control in large animals].in lower saxony approximately 3500 veterinarians were asked to fill in a questionnaire focused on the prevalence of parasitic infections in cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses, the preferred control measures and the antiparasitic drugs in use. although the disappointing low number of only 48 veterinarians that participated in this survey prevented any representative conclusions the following trends were remarkable: gastrointestinal strongyles were the most prevalent parasites in cattle (34.8%), shee ...19957600943
risk-inducing activities leading to injuries in a child and adolescent population of germany.injuries are the most common cause of mortality in children, also accounting considerably for childhood morbidity. however, data on injuries only provide valid information on the actual risk of each injury-causing activity when taken in consideration of the relationship with actual activity exposure data. therefore, the primary goal of this investigation is to determine the relative risk of normal child and adolescent activities.200717426559
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