pain recognition and treatment in the horse: a survey of equine veterinarians in the netherlands and belgium.this survey investigated the attitudes of equine veterinarians in the netherlands and the flemish region of belgium towards pain management in the horse. questionnaires were sent out to 771 equine veterinarians, all members of the dutch or flemish equine practitioners society. the return rate of completed questionnaires was 16.6%. the survey provided information about the use of analgesic drugs, factors influencing their prescription, pain scoring, analgesic therapy for specific clinical conditi ...201122026220
[horse milking industry in the netherlands and flanders].the horse milking industry is expanding in the netherlands and flanders. horse milk has become popular due to its (supposed) health-enhancing properties. a horse-milking farm is not a common client for the dutch veterinarian. when giving advice in this circumstance it should be recognised that these horses are production animals and that their milk is for human consumption. a review of the literature is given together with the results of an extensive enquiry amongst 13 horse-milking farms in the ...201121534278
environmental factors affecting the prevalence of insect bite hypersensitivity in belgian warmblood horses in vlaanderen. 201121539232
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