controlled dose confirmation study of a 2% moxidectin equine gel against equine internal parasites in the netherlands.the efficacy of a 2% moxidectin equine gel at a dosage rate of 0.4 mg kg-1 was evaluated in a controlled trial at utrecht university. twelve yearling castrated male shetland ponies grazed a pasture of 2 ha from may 1994 until housing in november. six ponies were treated with moxidectin, whereas the others served as non-treated controls. necropsy was carried out 35 days after treatment. greater than 99% efficacy of moxidectin was observed on faecal egg output. no effect of moxidectin was observed ...19979195720
[feminization of veterinary medicine in the netherlands 1925-2000].the feminisation of veterinary medicine occurred in the netherlands, as elsewhere in the world, in the course of the twentieth century. in 1930, jeannette voet (1907-1979) was the first female veterinarian graduate of the faculty of veterinary medicine of utrecht university. in contrast with the first dutch female physician who graduated in 1878, jeannette voet was not an active feminist. instead, she concentrated on the development of various fields of veterinary medicine during her career. nev ...200012053918
[the short- and long-term results of the "intensive care" of 160 sick neonatal foals].the short- and long-term results of admission to the 'neonatal intensive care unit' (icu) at the department of equine sciences of the utrecht university were evaluated. the patients were categorized, based on specific criteria, into different groups: 'sepsis', 'pneumonia', 'enteritis', 'asphyxia', 'premature', 'isoerythrolysis', and 'equine herpes virus (ehv)'. the survival rate and mean duration of hospitalization were determined for each group. the venous blood variables at admission were comp ...200515796488
an admissions system to select veterinary medical students with an interest in food animals and veterinary public health.interest in the areas of food animals (fa) and veterinary public health (vph) appears to be declining among prospective students of veterinary medicine. to address the expected shortage of veterinarians in these areas, the utrecht faculty of veterinary medicine has developed an admissions procedure to select undergraduates whose aptitude and interests are suited to these areas. a study using expert meetings, open interviews, and document analysis identified personal characteristics that distingu ...200919435984
curriculum development in the netherlands: introduction of tracks in the 2001 curriculum at utrecht university, the netherlands.the faculty of veterinary medicine in utrecht has recently introduced two major curriculum changes in order to keep pace with developments in research (the vast increase in scientific knowledge), in society (the quality awareness of veterinary clients), and in the veterinary profession, where a species and sector differentiation can be observed. after about 15 years during which the curriculum remained more or less unchanged, a radical curriculum revision was introduced in 1995. a further revisi ...200415510336
[purposeful (blood-)horse breeding (author's transl)].horse-breeding in the netherlands is briefly reviewed. particular attention is paid to the number of foals of various breeds. some effects of inbreeding in friesian horses are discussed. as regards methods selection, attention is mainly paid to saddle horses. the role of veterinarians (from the point of view of selection for soundness) is described. selection is based on the results of studies in the faculty of veterinary medicine in utrecht. a number of these results are reviewed.1979531878
[spring symposium group horse medicine on 6 march 1996 in amersfoort. top sport without doping is (not) possible!]. 19968685883
superficial keratectomy and cryosurgery as therapy for limbal neoplasms in 13 determine the usefulness and clinical outcome of a combined procedure of superficial keratectomy and cryosurgery as a treatment for limbal neoplasms in horses.200516008703
in vitro susceptibility to antimicrobial drugs of 62 salmonella strains isolated from horses in the netherlands.the in vitro activity of 17 antimicrobial drugs against strains of salmonella typhimurium (n = 52), salmonella thompson (n = 2), salmonella heidelberg (n = 3), salmonella hadar (n = 2), salmonella enteritidis (n = 1), salmonella infantis (n = 1) and salmonella derby (n = 1) was tested using the agar dilution method. the strains were isolated from horses admitted to the large animal clinics of utrecht university. the majority of strains were susceptible to gentamicin, amikacin, kanamycin, enroflo ...19957653025
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