determinants of change in blood pressure during childhood.the determinants of change in blood pressure during childhood were studied in 596 dutch children, aged 5-19 years. the children were randomly selected from a general population in zoetermeer, near the hague, the netherlands, and this report deals with 462 children (78%), who had three to seven annual measurements of blood pressure between 1975 and 1982. the rate of change in blood pressure was obtained by least-squares regression of blood pressure on time for each subject. initial level of blood ...19836859029
clostridium difficile in dutch animals: their presence, characteristics and similarities with human isolates.clin microbiol infect abstract: the presence and characteristics of clostridium difficile were investigated in 839 faecal samples from seven different animal species in the netherlands. the number of positive samples ranged from 3.4% (cattle) to 25.0% (dogs). twenty-two different pcr ribotypes were identified. among 96 isolates, 53% harboured toxin genes. all c. difficile isolates from pigs, cattle and poultry were toxinogenic, whereas the majority of isolates from pet animals consisted of non-t ...201121919997
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