age patterns of disease and death in insured swedish dogs, cats and horses.from 1995 to the present agria animal insurance, sweden (agria djurförsäkring, stockholm, sweden) has provided data on both health care and life insurance claims for descriptive and analytical research. from these data we have published extensively on insured dogs and horses and have recently submitted a study on cat mortality. over the periods studied most extensively (1995-2002 for dogs, 1997-2004 for horses and 1999-2006 for cats), agria has insured approximately 200,000 dogs, 100,000 horses ...201019932895
association between costly veterinary-care events and 5-year survival of swedish insured warmblooded riding horses.our objective was to estimate the 5-year survival to death in insured warmblooded riding horses (as reflected by a life-insurance claim) in horses with or without at least one costly veterinary-care event (vce) in 1997. we also determined the impacts of gender, age, previous diagnosis of veterinary claim, geographic variables, cost for veterinary claims and life-insurance value upon the survival. the design was a retrospective cohort study using a population of warmblooded riding horses insured ...200616935370
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