[enzootic viral abortion on a stud farm in east switzerland].an outbreak of abortion due to the equine herpesvirus-1 (ehv-1) in the eastern part of switzerland is reviewed. seven of eleven pregnant mares aborted within twenty-three days in january 1989. four weeks later another foal died a few minutes after parturition. three mares delivered live foals in february, march and april without any complications. the examination of the eight dead foals revealed an ehv-1 infection. the clinical signs and the pathology are discussed. severe complications during t ...19902171142
[molecular genetic studies of the "einsiedler" horse population].in this study it was investigated whether the "einsiedler" warmblood horse, a historically old horse population from central switzerland (abbey of einsiedeln), is distinguishable from micellaneous horse breeds, using molecular genetic techniques. the breeding history of einsiedler horses is characterised by systematic line breeding through the dams. therefore, two einsiedler dam lines (n = 28), going back to the middle of the 19th century according to pedigree entries, were the focus of the surv ...200515929600
[the epidemiology of gasterophilosis of horses in switzerland].between march 1988 and december 1989, 198 gastrointestinal tracts from slaughtered horses from different areas of switzerland have been analysed for the presence and the frequency of gasterophilus spp. during the same period--always between july and november--200 horses from selected areas of western switzerland have been checked for the presence of eggs and their subsequent developmental stages in order to investigate further clinical and biological aspects of this infection. the evaluation has ...19911771404
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