[the former knackers yard in zurich-albisrieden: pathological findings in excavated animal bones].during archaeological excavations in the former knackers yard in zurich-albisrieden bones and joints of 8 horses and 1 mule were found and examinedfor pathological lesions. degenerative changes (arthropathies, spondylosis and spondylarthrosis) as well as tooth irregularities were most often seen. one horse had a discospondylitis and spondylitis of c7 and th1.200818306937
[anthrax in the canton of zurich between 1878 and 2005].historical records reporting cases of animal anthrax in the canton of zurich between 1878 and 2005 were analysed on the level of political communities regarding occurrence and number of cases, animals affected, and number of communities affected. data were correlated with industrial activities (tanning, wool and horse hair processing) in a community and to the prevailing meteorological conditions. a total of 830 cases of animal anthrax has been recorded in 140 of 171 communities. occurrence corr ...200717702488
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