identifying equine premises at high risk of introduction of vector-borne diseases using geo-statistical and space-time analyses.the identification of premises that may play an important role in the introduction or spread of animal diseases is fundamental to the development of risk-based surveillance and control programs. a combination of geo-statistical and cluster analysis methods was used to identify geographical areas and periods of time at highest risk for introduction of the african horse sickness virus (ahsv) into the castile and leon (cyl) region of spain. risk was estimated based on the predicted premises-specifi ...201121377227
prevalence of ectoparasitic arthropods on wild animals and cattle in the las merindades area (burgos, spain).this paper reports the prevalence of ectoparasitic arthropods in sampled groups of wild (n = 128; 16 species) and domestic (n = 69; 3 species) animals in the las merindades area of the province of burgos, spain. the study revealed that wild animals were more infested and with a wider variety of ectoparasites than domestic animals. the parasitic prevalence was 67% for wild animals and 48% for livestock. in this way, 39% of animals were infected by ticks. ixodes ricinus and ixodes hexagonus were t ...201121894267
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