genetic diversity within and among four south european native horse breeds based on microsatellite dna analysis: implications for the present study, genetic analyses of diversity and differentiation were performed on four basque-navarrese semiferal native horse breeds. in total, 417 animals were genotyped for 12 microsatellite markers. mean heterozygosity was higher than in other horse breeds, surely as a consequence of management. although the population size of some of these breeds has declined appreciably in the past century, no genetic bottleneck was detected in any of the breeds, possibly because it was not narrow ...200516267169
the genetic structure of spanish celtic horse breeds inferred from microsatellite data.partition of the genetic variability, genetic structure and relationships among seven spanish celtic horse breeds were studied using pcr amplification of 13 microsatellites on 481 random individuals. in addition, 60 thoroughbred horses were included. the average observed heterozygosity and the mean number of alleles were higher for the atlantic horse breeds than for the balearic islands breeds. only eight percentage of the total genetic variability could be attributed to differences among breeds ...200010690360
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