[epizootic equine influenza in tunisia].the authors describe an equine influenza epizootic that occurred in tunisia during february and march 1998 in the regions of tozeur, sousse and tunis. they relate the symptoms, the different stages of diagnosis and the serological results.200114658241
[salmonella isolated from food products of animal origin between 1989 and 1993 in the town of tunis].among 260 strains of the genus salmonella isolated by the "laboratoire de la municipalité de tunis" from red meats or poultry sampled from public stores or slaughterhouse in tunis township between 1989 and 1993, s. agona, s. enteritidis and s. corvallis are the most frequent serovars. s. agona is more frequent in food from bovine and equine origin, s. enteritidis in poultry (phage type 35, "french classification", being more frequent). s. corvallis ("new" serovar in tunisia) is rather proceeding ...19958646019
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