equine trypanosomosis in the central river division of the gambia: a study of veterinary gate-clinic consultation records.the objective of this study was to provide epidemiological information of equine trypanosomosis in the central river division (crd) of the gambia. therefore, 2285 consultations records of equines, admitted in a gate-clinic at sololo in crd, were studied retrospectively. the data were recorded in the period between september 1995 and july 2002 and comprised consultations of 2113 horses and 172 donkeys. 'trypanosome infection' was the most frequently diagnosed condition and accounted for 61% of th ...200616814418
prevalence and incidence of trypanosomosis in horses and donkeys in the a study of the prevalence and incidence of trypanosomosis in horses and donkeys in two regions of the gambia, surveys were carried out at niamina east and bansang south with a high and low to moderate tsetse challenge, respectively. eleven horses and 67 donkeys were sampled monthly from august 1997 to september 1998. blood samples were examined for trypanosomes using the buffy-coat (bc) method and polymerase chain reaction (pcr). three primer sets were used, specific for either trypanosoma vi ...200111587839
culicoides in relation to transmission of african horse sickness virus in the gambia.twelve light trap collections made near overnight shelters of horses and donkeys in four villages in the central river division of the gambia captured fourteen species of biting midge of the genus culicoides. five species new to the gambia were identified. this brought the number of recognized species of culicoides (after a revision of c. schultzei) to twenty-nine in the gambia. species known or suspected as vectors of african horse sickness virus (ahsv) and bluetongue virus (btv) comprised 83% ...19989622369
trypanosomosis in the gambia: prevalence in working horses and donkeys detected by whole genome amplification and pcr, and evidence for interactions between trypanosome species.the gambia has an increasing population of equidae largely used for agriculture and transportation. a review of cases at the gambian horse and donkey trust (ghdt) indicated that a common reason for presentation is a poorly defined medical condition often attributed to trypanosomosis. there are few reports describing the prevalence or the range of clinical signs associated with infection with different species of trypanosomes in horses and donkeys, but given the importance of these animals, the r ...200818289378
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