isolation and identification of african horse sickness virus during an outbreak in lagos, outbreak of african horse sickness involving two horse stables in lagos, nigeria, was investigated. inoculation of blood from infected horses into suckling albino mice resulted in isolation of a virus which was identified as african horse sickness virus by the complement fixation test. the clinical, pathological and epizootiological findings (reported elsewhere) were consistent with african horse sickness. potential threats of the epidemic to international horse trade are briefly highlighted.19938219337
complement fixing antibodies against arboviruses in horses at lagos, nigeria.sixty-two sera horse collected from two stables at lagos, nigeria, were tested for complement fixing antibody to 8 arbovirus antigens; chikungunya, igbo-ora, yellow fever, wesselsbron, west nile, potiskum, uganda s and rift valley fever. ten per cent of the horse sera examined contained cf antibody to one or more of the test antigens and indicated considerable arbovirus activity in the two stables. reactions with flavivirus antigens were most common and the highest antibody titres were obtained ...19892485538
haemagglutination-inhibiting (hi) antibodies against strains of influenza a virus in horse and pig sera in nigeria.sera from horses and pigs obtained from lagos and ibadan respectively were examined for haemagglutination-inhibiting (hi) antibodies to two strains each of h3n2 and h1n1 subtypes of influenza a virus. more horse sera had hi antibodies to the h3n2 than the h1n1 strains while pig sera reacted almost equally with strains of both subtypes. all the horse sera had hi antibodies to the two strains of h3n2 subtype (a/mississippi/1/85 and a/leningrad/360/86), while 87% and 14% of the horses examined were ...19902100750
patterns and properties of haemagglutinins expressed by shigella serogroups in lagos, nigeria.forty-five strains of shigella were screened for haemagglutinin production and broad-spectrum haemagglutination reaction. mannose-sensitive haemagglutinin (msha) was found in 22 strains [shigella flexneri (7), s. dysenteriae (7), s. sonnei (3), and s. boydii (5)]. eighteen strains harboured mannose-resistant haemagglutinin (mrha), and 8 strains were observed to be non-haemagglutinating to guinea pig erythrocyte. with the exception of human erythrocytes (o, a, b, and ab), the observed msha and mr ...200313677435
trial of economical regimens of suckling mouse brain rabies vaccine for postexposure prophylaxis in lagos, nigeria.the suckling mouse brain rabies vaccine, recommended for production and routine use in nigeria from our previous study, was investigated in the present study in an effort to reduce the cost of antirabies treatment in the country. this is needed for economic reasons. instead of seven daily doses followed by three boosters, we tried five daily doses followed by three boosters, with or without equine hyperimmune serum given on day 0 (40 iu per kg body weight). fifty dog-bite, victims, aged 3-81 yea ...19892815968
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