survey of blood parasites of horses in ibadan, western nigeria. 19761266263
bluetongue and related viruses in ibadan, nigeria: serologic comparison of bluetongue, epizootic hemorrhagic disease of deer, and abadina (palyam) viral isolates. 19744368461
notes on salmonellae isolated from domestic animals in ibadan, nigeria. 19724671469
outbreak of equine influenza in polo horses in ibadan, nigeria: virus isolation, clinical manifestation and diagnosis. 19947941281
antigenic and genetic analysis of equine influenza viruses from tropical africa in 1991.a detailed analysis of equine (h3n8) influenza viruses isolated in nigeria during early 1991 has been undertaken. antigenic analysis and the complete nucleotide sequence of the ha gene of three nigerian equine influenza viruses a/eq/ibadan/4/91, a/eq/ibadan/6/91 and a/eq/ibadan/9/91 are presented and limited sequence analysis of each of the genes encoding the internal polypeptides of the virus has been carried out. these results establish that, despite the geographical location from which these ...19968870635
haemagglutination-inhibiting (hi) antibodies against strains of influenza a virus in horse and pig sera in nigeria.sera from horses and pigs obtained from lagos and ibadan respectively were examined for haemagglutination-inhibiting (hi) antibodies to two strains each of h3n2 and h1n1 subtypes of influenza a virus. more horse sera had hi antibodies to the h3n2 than the h1n1 strains while pig sera reacted almost equally with strains of both subtypes. all the horse sera had hi antibodies to the two strains of h3n2 subtype (a/mississippi/1/85 and a/leningrad/360/86), while 87% and 14% of the horses examined were ...19902100750
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