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ovulatory activity, hormonal induction of ovulation and fertility of young cashmere and angora female goats in a temperate environment.reproductive parameters of young cashmere and angora goats born between 1988 and 1990 and grazed on temperate pastures in southern australia were examined with a view to reducing the age of first breeding. females born in august or october of 1989 and 1990 were examined each month by laparoscopy to determine natural ovulatory activity when 6-19-months old. cashmeres commenced ovulating as young as 7 months of age or as light as 12 kg. almost all cashmeres were ovulating by 8-10 months of age at ...19947624515
equine influenza immunity in the special restricted area (purple zone) of new south wales, australia.the 2007 equine influenza (ei) outbreak in new south wales (nsw) consisted of a central infected area that extended south from the lower new england tableland, across the hunter valley, central coast and the sydney basin, and a series of isolated clusters outside this area across rural nsw. the central area was assigned the status of a purple zone (special restricted area, sra) approximately 1 month after the outbreak commenced. within this sra, the eradication program's focus was to increase th ...201121711307
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