human evolution in siberia: from frozen bodies to ancient dna.the yakuts contrast strikingly with other populations from siberia due to their cattle- and horse-breeding economy as well as their turkic language. on the basis of ethnological and linguistic criteria as well as population genetic studies, it has been assumed that they originated from south siberian populations. however, many questions regarding the origins of this intriguing population still need to be clarified (e.g. the precise origin of paternal lineages and the admixture rate with indigeno ...201020100333
investigating the effects of prehistoric migrations in siberia: genetic variation and the origins of yakuts.the yakuts (also known as sakha), turkic-speaking cattle- and horse-breeders, inhabit a vast territory in central and northeastern siberia. on the basis of the archaeological, ethnographic and linguistic evidence, they are assumed to have migrated north from their original area of settlement in the vicinity of lake baykal in south siberia under the pressure of the mongol expansion during the thirteenth to fifteenth century ad: . during their initial migration and subsequent expansion, the ancest ...200616845541
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