molecular epidemiology of vapa-positive rhodococcus equi in thoroughbred horses in kagoshima, japan.the prevalence of virulent r. equi having 15- to 17-kda antigens (vapa) in fecal isolates from 13 thoroughbred foals and their dams on 5 farms in kagoshima, japan, and the plasmid profiles of vapa-positive isolates by restriction fragment digestion patterns were investigated to compare the genotypic variation among virulence plasmids of r. equi isolates from japan. in total, 218 (24.6%) of 886 isolates from the feces of the 13 foals and 13 (12.5%) of 104 isolates from the feces of their dams dem ...200212237518
intestinal ciliates found in the feces of japanese native tokara pony, with the description of a new genus and a new species.the composition of intestinal ciliates excreted in the feces of 20 tokara native ponies kept in iriki farm of kagoshima university was surveyed. eleven genera consisting of 18 species were identified based on the description of strelkow. one new genus including a new species, wolskana tokarensis n. gen., n. sp., of the family buetschliidae was recognized and described. the average ciliate density of all horses was 13.8 x 10(3)/ml. those of stallions (n = 5), mares (n = 11) and foals (n = 4) were ...19968672578
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