antigenic relationship between the tokyo and the miami strains of equine influenza subtype 2 virus. 197721985
a serologic survey on equine influenza for the past ten years. 1978212632
antibody responses of japanese horses to influenza viruses in the past few years.a total of 305 horse sera collected in the hidaka district of hokkaido in the years 1988-90 were tested for the presence of hemagglutination-inhibition (hi) antibodies to a/equine/newmarket/1/77 (h7n7), a/equine/tokyo/2/71 (h3n8) and a/equine/kentucky/1/81 (h3n8, kentucky) strains of equine influenza (ei) virus. antibodies to the 3 strains were detected in hardly of the 45 sera from 2-years-old horses which were collected before vaccination. many of the 51 horses, after vaccination with inactiva ...19938461424
tokyo story. a british nurse is setting up an infection control service in is an amazing capital city, just as you would expect: tall buildings, bright lights, overcrowded and fast paced. japan was a bit of a culture shock at first, but things have settled down since i learned a few key japanese phrases for such questions as 'can i have... ?' and 'where is... ?' there are many places to visit in this city of almost 15 million people. getting around is straightforward, as there is an efficient underground system with the station names in english as well as japanes ...200515819325
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