full genome sequence and virulence analyses of the recent equine isolate of japanese encephalitis the past 25 years, there has been only one case of japanese encephalitis in horses in japan. we determined the full genome sequence of the japanese encephalitis virus (jev) strain jev/eq/tottori/2003 isolated from an afflicted horse and also analyzed its virulence in mice. the sequence analysis showed that the genome of jev/eq/tottori/2003 is similar to that of genotype i, a dominant genotype of jev presently circulating in japan. its neurovirulence, but not neuroinvasiveness, was still as hi ...201121233594
isolation and genetic analysis of japanese encephalitis virus from a diseased horse in japan.japanese encephalitis (je) developed in an unvaccinated half-bred horse kept in tottori prefecture, japan. the animal showed ataxia with pyrexia and low appetite, and ultimately died. a viral strain was isolated from the cerebrum of the horse and was identified as je virus (jev) by rt-pcr using jev specific primers. the isolated jev was classified into genotype i by nucleotide sequence analysis of the viral envelope gene. we believe that this is the first report of the genotype i strain being is ...200616598178
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