[hepatitis e virus (hev) genotype and the prevalence of anti-hev in 8 species of animals in the suburbs of beijing.].to investigate the prevalence of anti-hepatitis e virus (hev) and genotypes of hepatitis e virus in 8 species of animals including swine, cattle, sheep, horse, donkey, dog, chicken and duck in the suburb of beijing.201020302698
five year analysis of jockey club horse-related injuries presenting to a trauma centre in hong kong.professional horse riding-related injuries have not been studied before in hong kong, although horse racing takes place very regularly in the territory. in addition, the equestrian events of the 2008 beijing olympic games will come to hong kong. this study analysed the pattern of horse-related injury among patients who presented to a trauma centre in a teaching hospital in hong kong.200717049524
potential risk of zoonotic transmission from young swine to human: seroepidemiological and genetic characterization of hepatitis e virus in human and various animals in beijing, china.the aim of this study was to further investigate the prevalence of infection and genotype of hepatitis e virus (hev) among different species of animals, people whose works are related to pigs and the general population in the suburb of beijing, china. serum and faecal samples were collected from 10 animal species and humans. anti-hev was detected by enzyme immunoassays (eia); hev rna was amplified by reverse transcription-nested polymerase chain reaction (rt-npcr) method. pcr products were clone ...201121914080
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