serological reports of human infections of h7 and h9 avian influenza viruses in northern china.h7 and h9 subtype avian influenza viruses pose a similar threat to humans as h5 virus.200919186101
genetic evolution of equine influenza viruses isolated in china.china experienced an outbreak of equine influenza during 2007-2008. meanwhile, its neighbor countries, such as mongolia, india and japan, have also been affected by various influenza virus strains in each country. phylogenetic analysis showed that the newly emerging chinese strains belong to florida sublineage clade 2, as well as the indian strain jammu-katra/6/08 and the mongolian strain mongolia/1/08. all of these strains were derived from european strains of this clade, such as the newmarket/ ...201020559670
genomic comparison between attenuated chinese equine infectious anemia virus vaccine strains and their parental virulent strains.a lentiviral vaccine, live attenuated equine infectious anemia virus (eiav) vaccine, was developed in the 1970s, and this has made tremendous contributions to the control of equine infectious anemia (eia) in china. four key virus strains were generated during the attenuation of the eiav vaccine: the original liao-ning strain (eiav(ln40)), a donkey-adapted virulent strain (eiav(dv117)), a donkey-leukocyte-attenuated vaccine strain (eiav(dlv121)), and a fetal donkey dermal cell (fdd)-adapted vacci ...201021136127
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