first description of hepacivirus and pegivirus infection in domestic horses in china: a study in guangdong province, heilongjiang province and hong kong district.since 2012, three viruses, known as equine hepacivirus (eqhv), equine pegivirus (epgv) and theiler's disease-associated virus (tdav), have been discovered in equines. given that these viruses are the newest members of the flaviviridae family, genomic information concerning circulating eqhv, epgv and tdav strains around the world is limited. to date, no genetic surveillance studies have been performed on these three viruses in the equine population of china. here, a total of 177 serum samples wer ...201627182887
[epidemiology of melioidosis in china].from 1975 to 1989, a total of 73 strains of p. pseudomallei was isolated from the water samples and the pathological samples of human and domestic animals in 13 counties and cities located different latitude from four provinces qiong, yue, gui and xiang in china. serological investigation demonstrated that the geographical distribution of the organism had a significant correlation with the positive rate of antibodies against p. pseudomallei and the native foci of the organisms distributed over t ...19947532109
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